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    Archer C9 v3 firmware anomaly (UK based)

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    Hello all,

    I've been using tp-link routers for a while and recently bought an Archer C9 v3. I set it up (no problems), but it forced me to change the username and password for the admin account. I notice the online upgrade option for the firmware in the System Tools part of the management console. It pulled in - 1.3.0 Build 20161018 rel. 71163 - and without checking, I clicked upgrade.

    That required a reboot, which wiped out all my mods. Back to the initial setup routine and it asked me again to change the password, but this time no new account name. I complied then the management console locked up and wouldn't let me make any amendments. The router was actually working, so I think the management console was broken (the javascript seemed to die according to my browser).

    I checked the firmware part of the support website and found the latest firmware was - C9(EU)_V3_160713.zip - which is July of 2016, earlier than the October 2016 firmware I just installed.
    Here's the link http://uk.tp-link.com/download/Archer-C9.html#Firmware

    Well, after much messing and resetting, I got the C9 back to factory settings, and installed the July 2016 firmware which I am assuming is the correct latest version for my region.

    The C9 has still "remembered" in the online upgrade section that the "latest version" is 1.3.0 Build 20161018 rel. 71163.

    Should I just avoid this "online upgrade" feature as it conflicts with the support section of the tp-link website? I do like to have the latest firmware and thought "online upgrade" sounded good, but I'm worried about it installing the wrong version of firmware now. Does my router know which region it is in and is it pulling in the wrong region's firmware?deI can't get it to check the latest firmware now, as the button is stuck on "upgrade" rather than "check".

    Any advice?

    Many thanks in advance, Trevor

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    I've confirmed with tplink support, the new firmware 20161018 uses new VI, means the web UI would be a bit different, but it's OK to upgrade it. and a reminder, don't upgrade with any USB devices plugged in the router

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    OK, thank you. I'm not sure what you mean by a new VI?

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    Means new web interface page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flying snow View Post
    Means new web interface page.
    Great - thank you.

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    Okey, thank you for this info it was great and useful!!

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