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    Dear Forum Members:

    Here we recommend you two solution PPTs about how to deploy business Wi-Fi networks w
    ith TP-Link products, including topology design, product selection, deployment & optimization, etc.

    Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nshsp6d1aocf1qt/TPNA SMB_Business Wi-Fi Solution.zip?dl=0
    Unzip Password: tplink

    • ‘Business Indoor Wi-Fi (Solutions)’ PPT mainly introduces EAP solution & CAP solution;
    • ‘Business Outdoor Wi-Fi (Solutions)’ PPT mainly introduces Pharos Outdoor Wi-Fi solution;

    EAP Solution & CAP Solution:

    Mainly provide Wi-Fi access to public places like hotel, office and park, etc.

    Name:  EAP Solution.png
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    Pharos Outdoor Wi-Fi Solution:
    Mainly applies to building long distance outdoor wireless connections such as the backhaul of ISP in outdoor scenarios.
    Name:  Pharos AP Solution.jpg
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    Very helpful, thanks for sharing. It even opens in Keynote on MacBooks.

    Cool new products are the CAP300-Outdoor and the TL-ANT2410MO for the WBS210! The omni antenna for WBS has been desperately awaited for since you once announced the OBS210.

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    Muchas gracias

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    Thank you

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