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    Last few days my router's led are turned off, tried to turn of night mode, didn't helped. So I decided to factory reset the router, so I did and restored configuration from the backup -> same result, leds turned off. So I tried to factory again and to not restore from configuration backup, but rather to setup clean, and to not change the ip addresses from 192.168. (default) to 10.0. (as I did in the past), so almost 2 days I have leds working fine and my 2.4GHz network is up and running.

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    So the story repeats with me!!! Bought my AC5400, opened it, updated it.....and after 1 day my 2.4ghz stopped connecting and 5ghz-1 turned invisible (same complain like many others here). What do we do? Any of you solved this question? The only option is to contact support and receive another hardware?? It seems useless.... Any help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hantuonline View Post
    my archer c5400 problem is solved. Thanks

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    Archer C5400 firmware BUB

    Quote Originally Posted by hantuonline View Post
    My Archer C5400 problem is solved. Thanks
    I have the exact same issue.How?!

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    Fast and good signal until you update the firmware.

    Fast and good signal until you update the firmware. There is a known bug that of course I only found out about AFTER updating the firmware automatically. I lost both of the 5G radios, I can not see 2.4G band ...Is there any fix for C5400 issue? Help me!

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    The firmware is not the issue. I have several of these routers now, and all of them work perfect using the latest firmware. My first one had the 2.4GHz side die after about 20 days. I contacted TP-Link and they suggested I return it to Amazon under their warranty. I did that and ordered a brand new one. I immediately updated the firmware on it and it has been fine since early January 2018. I got two more a few months ago, and updated their firmware to the latest version and they are working just fine. I really think this is a quality control issue. I do know that these units get pretty hot. I have mine sitting on spacers to elevate them above the surface they sit on. Maybe they get too hot sitting too close to the surface?

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    Archer 2600 1.0 - band 2.4 GHZ not visible/connectable anymore

    Hi I saw for a couple of different models the same issue. After about one year of proper function, the 2.4 GHZ band is not visible and not accessible from any device anymore. Interesting observation: Channel width is set to Auto but can not be manually selected. Channel is set to Auto but the device indicated "(Current Channel N/A)". Firmware version is: 1.0.0 Build 20150610 Rel. 32140 since I got the device. Any clues? Best regards

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    I purchased by router in Nov 2016 and it was working great up until May 2018. Now suddenly I have the same issues.

    I have the router on smart connect mode and whenever I move more than one room away I get an "Authentication error occurred" and when I look at the status page of the router it shows my device (an android phone) as connected to both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz-1 channels. Also, I will sometimes get a connected but "Internet may not be available" error or the device just keeps trying over and over to connect without a message. Then when I walk back into the same room as the router (or 1 room away) it connects me to 5GHz-2 and there are no issues.

    I contacted TP-Link support and got an RMA. They sent a brand new, sealed box, C5200 (which I thought was odd because I had a C5400 but I read online it was the same just "Costco's" brand). Decided to open the box and the router said C5400 on the device and in firmware. I plugged it in and immediately upgraded to firmware 1.0.4 build 20170731 Rel 74060 and the same issue occurs. I am at a loss.

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