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    TC-7620 reconnect question ?

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    I am thinking of upgrading my current modem to the TC-7620. However one of the issues I have has been; when the link goes down from Spectrum,(Time Warner) I have to remove my wireless router, connect a pc, so I can get service going again. Trying to use the router to restart does not work even when I clone the pc mac address. So I am wondering if this is a modem issue, provider or router? Will the TC7620 solve this annoying problem? Motorola says their modem is designed this way. With security cameras and other devices depending on a connected internet, I hope TP-Link does not have the same design. Does anyone know?

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    didn't heard of that issue on TC-7620, but usually when link goes down, we just reboot the modem only and keep router connected to it with power on so we don't need to clone mac address again.

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    by the way, yes if you connect your pc first to the modem (including other modems in the market) then connect router back , router won't get internet immediately. You need to clone mac address or reboot modem.

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    Is sililar in my case, but only need reset the wifi router to gets IP again and all go ok

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    Informative article and this issue most of them have while connecting the pc with the modem. The router won't get internet immediately and it takes time. Thanks for this informative article and continue sharing more interesting topics like this.google chrome not responding


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