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    NC210 - TPCamera and Samsung S7

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    I just got a NC210 and trying to set it with TPCamera app but no luck

    The app find the camera and his MAC address but stay with the rotating icon telling "Adding ..." for hours .... used with a TP link Router MR6400

    Using on another ADSL Router, everything works fine ....

    Any idea ?

    Thanks for reading

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    http://www.tp-link.com/en/faq-821.html , from the instruction, on which step do you have a issue? Do you mean you only have the issue when connect the camera to MR6400, no issue with other routers? Did you try hard reset the camera?

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    The process with the app start well, it find the cam (displaying the MAC adress) but stay here with the icon turning for age saying "Adding the Camera"
    I do it many times, reseting the cam, restarting the router and the phone with no luck
    I bring back at home on my wifi Adsl router (given by my internet provider FREE) and everything went fluently , no trouble
    I will test on a third router tomorrow just to see what happen
    I dont know what to try more ....

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    Did you setup any advanced settings on the MR6400? What's the network map? Is there any firewall in the network? Make sure your phone is not connected to guest network.

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    Nothing special afaik in my 6400, nearly out of th" box,no firewall except the one by default, there is only my phone and the cam
    As you can see, the app see the cam but fail somewhere after that
    I test on an Orange router and it works after some try
    Will do it again next weekend as I will be there
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    It's suggested to do a hard reset on the camera before you configure it with MR6400.

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    Yes, I dont count anymore the hard reset I have done

    May be there is something with the WPS ? WPS is activated on the 6400 but not on my home router

    I will check next weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by nostromo View Post
    Yes, I dont count anymore the hard reset I have done

    May be there is something with the WPS ? WPS is activated on the 6400 but not on my home router

    I will check next weekend
    It's nothing to do with WPS, when the camera works with your home router, the camera has been bound to your Cloud account. Then you can just connect the camera to the MR6400 with an Ethernet cable, you should be able to access to it with the same cloud account without reconfigure the camera.

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    I have been and have not had a solution to this problem
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    There is no ethernet port neither usb

    Only a kind of wifi access doing some magic and you cant do anything except looking at your mobile telling : No Camera Found which is wrong because at the screen before it show it to you ...

    Poor product until now

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    Logitech is doing wonders actually. I am not sure of getting a tp-link cloud cam or a logitech one. I have been told by many that syncing is an issue here. Is it true?

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    It seems that you tried to add this camera again with MR6400 router,and before logging into this camera,normally the camera should be plugged into your router by Ethernet cable,and your phone should be connected to the wifi from MR6400.

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