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    Unable to reach some website

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    I have recently purchased TD-W8960N modem. I have BSNL broadband connection. After i installed this modem, i am unable to reach some specific websites. I am able to access www.onlinesbi.com before i installed this modem. I have also checked that with different internet connection i am able to reach this website. I can also access this website if i use zenmate. When i ping this website, it shows destination net unreachable followed by request time out. Is this happening due to modem or ISP? Kindly help me with this problem.90N

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    What's the hardware version of your 8960? You can try to modify the MTU size on your PC and have a test. If the modify have solve your problem, this should be a MTU size problem of this device. I recommend you to ask the support team for help.

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    Well, thank you pacco. I did not get any response from support team. I wrote them twice but thankfully I have already got the solution from the internet 4 days before. Yes it was mtu. When i changed mtu from 1480 (default) to 1440, i could open that website. Only thing i could not understand how decreasing mtu value could solve this problem.

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    I am also facing the same issue freelancer and SBI Website are not loading.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mehakaggarwal View Post
    I am also facing the same issue freelancer India and SBI Website are not loading.
    You can also try to change the MTU size on the modem from 1480(default) to 1440 or 1400.
    Good luck~

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    I think you should try visiting that site on another device, in addition to the devices you are using.
    Or maybe the landing page you want to have blocked IP?


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