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    Unhappy MR6400 issues with IP over WAN network of

    Model : MR6400

    Hardware Version : v1

    Firmware Version : 160322

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Have a few MR6400's around that are coded into our WAN network. All work fine unless the router is trying to get to range across the WAN. Seems like the router holds IP and and even though the LAN IP is set to something different (ie in my case, it will not ping but will ping all other subnets (eg, across the WAN. When I try and add a static route for it comes up with error "destination network address cannot be inside the subnet of WAN ip". Anyone else experience this issue and any way to resolve?
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    How can you ping other subnet if your lan is IP is belong to

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    the 192.168.37..1 is the LAN of the MR6400 router, the 192.168.0.x subnet is another subnet on our network. We use telstra.corp to connect to a private WAN, and it will ping all other WAN's across mutliple subnets, but will not ping Well it does ping the address, but it shows up as an internal address on the router. So if for example you setup your MR6400 as and do a ping to it will ping that address. Hope that makes some sort of sense.


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