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    Question HELP! How do you install Archer T2U Wireless USD adapter?

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    I bought this adapter today - TP Link Archer T2U. I have a Mac pro 2009 OS X. I've downloaded the driver and unzipped it but I have absolutely zero no idea how to install it. The downloaded text file that comes with the driver is really for someone with intimiate computer / coding knowledge. For someone like me who has no idea about computers, this is like trying to understand Chinese. Can anyone help? Otherwise, I fear I will have to return the USB adapter to the store.

    I can't use the CD by the way, because I don't have an external CD reader. This is really urgent as I need my computer for work and I need wireless internet connection for work, so any help is really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    HELP How do you install Archer T2U Wireless USD ada

    The Mbox 3 Pro uses an off the shelf Chinese made 9V 2A adapter.. You can use any adapter that fits the specs. Jist make sure the polarity on the plug is ok. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk


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