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    antenna for TP-Link TL-MR6400 Router 4 G Lte Wireless N 300 Mbps

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    Hello I have a TP-Link TL-MR6400 Router 4 G Lte Wireless N 300 Mbps I have bay 2 cable to take aut the antennas out side but I have seen the the signal at the router disappears.

    May be are necessary antennas different?


    My provider transmits at 2100 Hz.

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    The external antennas are for the 4G LTE network, for wi-fi it has 2 internal antennas.

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    Hello I have buy 2 cable ( 5 m) to connect the 2 antennas original 4G LTE of the router outside the hose ( because insde the hose the signal is very bad) , but the signal is 0 ( no signal) when connect the antennas with the 5 m cable to put out side the house the antennas. May be is necessari another type of antenna when using the cable? Than you

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    antenna for TP Link TL MR6400 Router 4 G Lte Wireless N 300 Mbps

    Hi, Can someone advise about the quality of D-Link DSL-2750U 24 Mbps Wireless with Modem Router ? Also suggest other best routers under Rs 2500. Thanks,Gourav

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    antenna for TP-link TL-MR6400

    Can i connect lte outdoor antenna to TP-link TL-MR6400 Router? If yes, where to buy the LTE outdoor antenna? What's the connector type in TL-MR6400?

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    the hose signal is poor and there is no signal when connecting the antenna. The cable puts the antenna next to the house. Do I need another type of antenna when using the cable?

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    If you are facing problem in that then you should take out the help of manual guide might be from there you can resolve your problem in less time.

    I am giving suggestion of using manual guide to you because we are the manufacturer of Mobile Phone Network Signal Booster in Delhi to booster the signal strength of weak network and in every cell phone booster packing we are provide user manual guide for using the device.


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