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    Lightbulb Kasa/HS200 Feature Request - Turn off X Minutes after Turned On

    Model : HS200

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Feature Request

    "Turn off X minutes after the light is turned on"

    I have a few hallways where people pass through, and the lights are ALWAYS left on. This, combined with my OCD, is slowly eating away at my soul. I'd like to configure Kasa to "Turn the device off 5 minutes after it is turned on".

    I've already set up a schedule in Kasa to turn the lights off on the "5s", but because of the timing I've already had the lights go out on people halfway through the hall.
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    Junior Member taylo is on a distinguished road
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    Jan 2017

    me too!

    I second this request. I have a gas fireplace which my teenagers sometimes leave on too long. I haven't bought a TP-Link switch for it yet, but when I do I would like to always shut it off after a set time and force them to turn it on again if they still need it.Thanks!

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    I third this! It's a critical feature that other competitors offer and can be added via firmware and software updates - in fact I just bought 12 tp-link HS200 switches for this very purpose only to find out it's not possible. I also have Wemo's equivalent light switches installed in my home and they have this invaluable feature!

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    With so many devices including wemos you might want to look at AutomationManager (its an android app but it can work well even if you're an iphone user). It integrates TP Link and wemo in one app and adds a host of automation including the auto off feature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeP_AutomationManager View Post
    With so many devices including wemos you might want to look at AutomationManager (its an android app but it can work well even if you're an iphone user). It integrates TP Link and wemo in one app and adds a host of automation including the auto off feature.
    Nice program! I'll buy it and give it a whirl now. Thanks for offering it as a solution and letting me know about it!

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    Sure, glad to help. Please feel free to contact me here or directly if you need any help to get it working.

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    Junior Member djkmljw is on a distinguished road
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    Please work on adding this feature!

    The reason I brought two of HS200 is to replace the bathroom exhaust fan switch. Lacking of this feature makes me hesitate to do the replacement. Run the fans for a few more minutes helps a lot.

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    TP Link should probably comment, but FWIW you might find using the HS200 for a fan load may cause its relay to burn and stick. A proper auto-off timer switch intended for fans might be a better choice.

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    Mike - thanks for all the advice so far - I've bought your software and successfully repurposed a spare android phone. I am happily running the additional functionality discussed in this thread.

    However, I do have a few bathroom fans on HS200s - they're working fine but can you expand on the concern with the relays? Is this a fire hazard or is it just the possibility of the switch failing? I could be mistaken but I never saw anything in the TP-Link literature suggesting it was out of the scope of the switches' intended usage.

    If it makes any difference, these are modern 2-year-old bathroom fans that make nearly zero noise (so possibly they have lower power consumption than the older models?) it takes an effort to listen to see if they're running.


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    Another invaluable add for the switches and plugs. I battled back and forth between the WeMo and TP devices but chose TP. I would like to see their controls catch up and exceed what the competitors offer of course!


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    Cool, welcome aboard! If you have any trouble you can reach me using the "contact" button in help and on my web site, I'm happy to help.

    The tricky thing with motors is they're an inductive load rather than resistive like lighting. So when the contacts open the motor (as an inductor) pushes a lot of current back across the gap while it's still small. This wears them out like how points wore in old cars which isn't too bad. Worse is that it can sometimes weld the contacts together meaning they don't stop conducting even when switched off. I haven't opened up a TP Link plug but I believe most of home automation plugs are using the lighter "songle" mechanical type relays which can handle a reasonable amount of resistive current but I doubt can handle inductive load for as long.

    Probably not a fire hazard but the HS200s are expensive!

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    Thanks for the response! I guess based on what you say I'll chance it, and if one fails I'll immediately pull the rest out =).

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    Junior Member apratsunrthd is on a distinguished road
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    Has this still not been implemented? This seems like a really obvious and necessary feature.

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    It would be nice to set an option for the "schedule" actions where the plug will automatically turn off after X minutes. This would save a lot of effort in scheduling multiple entries of on/off manually. For example, if I want my fan to turn on every 3 hours for 15 minutes each time.

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    Junior Member ajexpert is on a distinguished road
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    Is this feature implemented yet?


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