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    I confirm that this firmware solved all connection related issues successfully. Since 3 days, did not have any errors on 8010 and 8030

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    ... and how pathetic is it that TP-Link don't put out an official update that makes their product work properly?

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    ... and for TP-Link it should be no problem at all to create a new firmware.

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    It shouldn't, but apparently it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NOLAN View Post
    Based upon the 2.2.3 firmware and tested just the flashing part.

    Attachment 5756

    8010P V1 2.2.3

    Use the embedded flashing utility.

    Giving you right now the link through PM. Report back if it brick or work.

    WPA8630 V1 2.2.3 * Confirmed to work by Uranium

    Use the embedded flashing utility.

    Yes, the WPA8630 can be used to deploy any custom open source firmware, tho, idk about the chip throughput ability.
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    Thanks, worked! Is there also an update to 2.4 for Wpa8630?

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    Updated WPA8630P to 2.4 with 8030P file

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    I've tested the 2.4.0 firmware (posted by msa6ok) with 8010p homeplugs and it works perfectly. The connection has remained stable on all homeplugs on my network for 5 days. I was getting several disconnects a day on the older firmware. I tried pinging my router constantly which helped, but I did still get some disconnects. It's good to finally have a solution to the problem - I wasn't sure if it was to do with the homeplugs or my electrical wiring.

    Many thanks msa6ok
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    Quote Originally Posted by keup View Post
    Attachment 6330Updated WPA8630P to 2.4 with 8030P file
    Hi. How did you updated the Wpa8630 with a 8030P file???

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    Do you guys / gals prefer homeplugs to Wifi? Does 5ghz AC wifi provide more stability and throughput than AV2 MIMO homeplugs? How does range effect performance?

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    Usually homeplugs wins at range/bandwidth and stability. Prefer AC devices when using it at the same room near the device. When using net in the next room, powerline wins. Wi-fi also have common use and may interfere with others more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cinemaniarota View Post
    Hi. How did you updated the Wpa8630 with a 8030P file???
    PIB file from earlier post from 170511 and NVM file from 8030 from later post. Connect via older and more customizable powerline program from tp link and choosing upgrade.

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    Hi there. I have the US version models, ¿Can I use those firmwares? Too many dropouts! Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrjota View Post
    Hi there. I have the US version models, ¿Can I use those firmwares? Too many dropouts! Thanks
    You can use MVM file with only your US version PIB file. Dont use EU or UK version PIB. PIB are related to allowed frequencies of countries

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    I already flashed my US 8010P with the EU PIB. What PIB should I use as the latest one of the website is very old (


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    Too late, I was really tired of the constant dropouts of my two PL8010Ps and since I didn´t have a US PIB version accepted by the upgrade program, I decided to use the one posted here. Everything is working perfectly, no more dropouts. By the way, I have not upgraded the other two PL8030P that I also have connected to my LAN because it seems the 8010's were the ones with the dropout problem, now all the PLs are doing a great job even with different firmwares. I live in Colombia, South America and don´t know if the frequencies are different. Thanks for your answer!


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