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    Junior Member Rufus is on a distinguished road
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    The link for the upgrade tool, as posted earlier, is http://static.tp-link.com/iotUpgradeTool_V1.0.zip

    But, for my HS105, it would not find it after repeated scans. Then I happened to go back into Kasa and it had the HS105 listed as available. So I again tried updating the firmware within that and this time it found 1.4.0 instead of the 1.2.9 included in the Upgrade tool. Still "playing" with this thing... really shouldn't be this "quirky".

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    Junior Member yurart is on a distinguished road
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    Exclamation Reset of my tp-link smart plug doesn't solve the issue.

    It still shows the message about another account association. What can i do to reset the device properly?

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    I am having the same issue. Thanks for your helps!
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    reset it and re add the device

    device is not bound to this device error

    i had this error. normally when u see the switch as " local only" , if u turn on "remote control" option on and off, it will work.

    but in this case as error above. only option i found is reset it and readd the switch to kasa. i didn't find any easy solution

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    Message says "Device is bound to another user account"

    hi i found check brake pad wear message on cla 200 replaced front brake pad and sensor in front left but the message is still there what must i do?

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    Just a heads up on the "bound to another user account" issue. I just configured a new plug, updated firmware, set to local control only and assigned a static IP address. At that point the Kasa app began reporting that my device was bound to another account. It appears that this resulted because the app was unable to communicate with the device locally due to the IP address change and unable to communicate via the cloud due to the 'local only' setting. I suspect that this message can pop up when there are communication problems with the device (and which is totally unrelated to the user account.) If you see this warning, check for possible communication problems also. (The problem for me cleared up without any further actions on my part.)

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    wonderful!!! I have the same as your think

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