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    Question How to disable the power button functionality ?

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    I've been happily using TP-LINK products for a while now.
    Recently I've got my hands on a USB 3.0 Hub. No major surprises so far, sturdy as expected.

    However, there is a function I'd like to disable.
    Currently I unplug and replug the USB hub it ALWAYS requires the press of the power button.
    What is the simplest/safest way to have the hub power itself when plug without requiring human assistance ?

    Thank you,

    P.S. I've just registered on the forum and I received the confirmation email two days after I've filled in the registration form.

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    Junior Member joaopagotto is on a distinguished road
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    I am also having the same problem . Always have to press the button to turn on . If anyone knows a way , starting on.

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    Has anyone received any answer to this?
    My team mistakenly purchased this unit for remote (unattended) operation and it is a show stopper in the event of a power glitch or outage.
    Firmware update? Mechanical disable?

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    How to disable the power button functionality

    Ive had several versions of JB and non of them power the screen on using the home button. Are you sure thats whats happening

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    There was never a solution offered. Our Company did mistakenly order another one and it appears that this unit comes up powered although it still has the button.


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