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    Installation experiment of WBS210+TL-ANT2415MS

    TP-LINK Pharos series base station WBS210/WBS510 has no build-in antennas. Therefore an external antenna is needed for normal operation. To cooperate with WBS210 in PtMP scenario, ISP usually adopt assorting sector antenna TL-ANT2415MS to extend coverage area. In the following well learn how to install WBS210 on TL-ANT2415MS.

    Open the box of TL-ANT2415MS, we can see a smooth ripple surface, its the front panel of this antenna. In the backside there are electronic connectors for different uses, like below.
    Name:  l.jpg
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    With understanding of function for this connectors, we can start our installation.
    1. Firstly, attach the RF Cable to the Base station.
    2. Then attach the Base Station to the Base Station Mount Bracket.
    3. Next, connect the other ends of RF cable to the RF Connectors on the antenna.
    Name:  26.png
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    Its not recommended to connect the RF cable with connection type X since it may result in performance reduction.

    Then, we can continue the installation.
    4. Slide the Protective Shroud down over the Base Station until it locks onto the Base Station Mount Bracket.
    Name:  27.png
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    Till now, we have accomplished the connection and fixture of WBS210. In the following we need to install the whole antenna to the tripod.

    5. Attch the Antenna Mount Bracket to the four studs located on the antenna using the Flat Washers, Spring Washers, and Hex Nuts.
    Name:  28.png
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    6. Attach the Adjustable Pole-mount Bracket and Pole-mount Clamps to the pole using four M8X85 Bolts with Nut and Lock Washer Assemblies.
    7. Mount the Antenna Mount Bracket to the Adjustable Pole-mount Bracket using two M6x35 Bolts with Nut and Lock Washer Assemblies. Please do not over-tighten these bolts and nuts to allow angle adjustment later.
    Name:  29.png
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    8.The last operation, adjust the desired elevation angle of the antenna using the scale marked on the Antenna Mount Bracket, and then tighten the bolt and nut assemblies.
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    Hope this product 5.8 avaiable in my country. and have good price
    and please more info device spec
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    Great product, well done, TP-Link. I like it very much!

    We deployed one of these at our customer's side to cover an outdoor area in a PtMP setup. Assembly was straightforward, good concept!
    Photo shows antenna placement during tests of the WiFi coverage from different angles.

    Name:  IMG_WBS210_ANT2415MS.jpg
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    Some remarks:

    - The two M6x35 bolts for the pole-mount bracket are slightly too short with the washer (or the bracket too thick ), we needed to use M6x40 instead.

    - Customer asked for some anti-theft provision such as a mechanical lock - any change this could be added?
    Some people might even climb onto radio masts for this device, the stay ropes of the mast already disappeared!

    - [Sorry, confused this in original post with CPE210 and same software, have edited it]
    Bult-in spectrum analyzer on WBS210 correctly shows range 2412 to 2472 MHz, firmware is
    1.3.3 Build 20160705 Rel. 52453.
    However, spectrum analyzer on CPE210 shows range 2312 to 2712 MHz instead. Firmware version is the same as on WBS210.

    Currently testing WBS210 with
    TL-ANT2424B in a PtP setup with CPE210 client over long distance (just because I have a spare ANT2424 and I'm curious).
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    nice work ....
    what is the pole-mount brand u used in photo number 6 and 7 please

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    nice post

    Accidentally I have come across this site and here it shares the installation experiment of WBS210+TL-ANT2415MS. Good to see that you have shared it with corresponding screenshot and diagram associated with. It helps anyone to understand it easily.jefferson reserve bourbon

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    in wich Connector you connect the ANT2424B on your WBS210 (chain0 o chain1) ??? It is Working Fine ?? Thanks por your Reponse

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    Quote Originally Posted by satissues View Post
    in wich Connector you connect the ANT2424B on your WBS210 (chain0 o chain1) ??? It is Working Fine ?? Thanks por your Reponse
    On the picture shown above there is a TL-ANT2415MS, which is designed for WBS210.

    If you connect a single TL-ANT2424B to the WBS210, you will lose MIMO. Also make sure to connect an antenna on the other plug, too, to avoid damage to the radio adapter. Next, ensure to attenuate the WiFi signal by using a long antenna cable in order to not exceed the allowed EIRP. I did use a 10m antenna cable and a pigtail to ensure it is below 20dBm, see photo and calculation example in this post (albeit the thread is about connecting an external antenna to the TL-WA7210, I used the TL-ANT2424B together with a WBS210): http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....l=1#post220920


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