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    Router will face so many different issues. If the shared solution is not working, you may contact tp-link support center.

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    Tp router is really good router, i also used this great router, so thanks a lot sharing. assignment help sg

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    Good to read this article and it is useful for me to know about problems in the router.Many of them face issues in the connection of internet and like that problem.Here it is well described and thanks for this article.update my browser

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    Junior Member Miabarak is on a distinguished road
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    I am using TP link Router and it is working quite good

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    Junior Member Entrepreneur is on a distinguished road
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    I've experienced a similar problem with my router and all it took to solve it was resetting the router
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    If you describe the model of a device so that can be easy to tell what happens with your tp-link device but try to reset and reconfigure may possible is working fine.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing anduseful information, You made my day, I was stuck in tis issue from last 10 days

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    I think the configuration of the device is likely to change. Please try configuring it again.
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