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    NC200 offline

    I am also facing same issue. Need to reset the camera every other day.
    It happens after I've updated the iOS app and camera's firmware recently.
    Please contact me for the solution as soon as possible.

    Quote Originally Posted by tplink View Post
    Thanks for the feedback.

    Our support engineer will follow this case with you through email.

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    It seems like I am not the only one having issues with the NC200. I was starting to think I got a faulty camera.

    I got the NC200 a few weeks ago. Installed tpCamera 2.0 (the only one available for iPhone). My NC200 came with old firmware, but I did not update it to 151125 (yet). I connected by web browser UI using the IP address. I configured network settings, and I was able to register camera to TP-Link Cloud, and also control NC200 using web browser. When I tried to view the camera on my iPhone app (tpCamera 2.0), the app told me to update firmware to get full functionality (ie. view camera from iPhone app). After this, I cannot register the camera on either Cloud account (from Mac) or tpCamera (from phone). The camera wifi connection seems stable, since I am able to view the camera using live view on the UI.

    But now I have the following issues:
    1. I cannot add the camera to my TP Link Cloud account on my Mac; it give me an error "Can not connect to the Internet, please check your network settings and try again." I can log into my TP Link Cloud account fine.
    2. I cannot add the camera to my tpCamera iPhone app. It sees the camera, has the proper MAC address, but when I click "New" the camera is not added to my account, and the error I get is "Operation timed out"

    So clearly the camera is connected to my LAN, since 1) I can view the camera using Live View, and 2) the app sees it fine. I just can't add it on my app or view it remotely.

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    I have the same problem with 3 NC200 cameras since the firmware upgrade

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    I have the same problem with my NC200. And email notification delivery also not working. Please fix it. Thanks.

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    Same problem

    I have the same problem with my NC200 camera. The camera goes offline many times of day. This is very annoying!

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    this is getting very annoying, i am away on vacation for 4 days and on the 2nd day, 3 out of my 6 NC200 and NC220 are down. What if a burglary took place during the down time? The new software and firmware is very unreliable. when is Tp-link going to fix this with a patch to auto reboot the camera when it goes offline. unacceptable.

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    Same here

    I have 4 cameras which I now cannot view as they have gone off line, they work again when I cycle power on them for a day or two then go offline. I'm 600 miles from them now so that's not going to happen... Signed mr not happy!!

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    I have 6 cameras, the NC200 is the worst camera in the market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Fernandes View Post
    I have 6 cameras, the NC200 is the worst camera in the market.
    Thats a little unfair.

    I have 3 NC200's and 1 NC220 they worked perfectly for months until the last FW upgrade.

    The camera's going offline is a worse case scenario in terms of 'having CCTV' but I appreciate that TP-Link are maintaining their product range by offering updated firmware etc.

    I raised a support request with them and this morning they sent me an alpha firmware to test which I've applied to my 3 NC200's

    There is a fix on the horizon.



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    Fine I can accept there might be issues with the upgrade, I understand you might trying to fix it and needs time but why the hell you made it not downgradeable its seems like it become in purpose, so we now have a useless ipcam network for weeks!! is there even an official announcement from tp-link? I wont wait more than a week, then I m changing my devices with another firm and wont suggest tp-link to my clients.

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    I can't understand how this can happen and why after couple of week nothing is done ...!! we have no information, no ETA, nothing ... is like TP-Link don't working on it ...?? why do you not release the older firmware or the possibility of doing a roll back where are all working fine... I'm really confuse and don't understand why it's so long to get this fix ...!!
    At least please inform us of any ETA or development on this issue ..!!!
    Sorry for my bad English ...!!! I'm french..

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    Hi!I have the same issue, where can I download the last beta firmware for my NC200?Thanks

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    ok, tech support supplied me with a beta firmware fix for NC200, seems to be working fine so far. The NC200 has not dropped for the last couple of days. monitoring the situation now

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    Quote Originally Posted by smartloft View Post
    ok, tech support supplied me with a beta firmware fix for NC200, seems to be working fine so far. The NC200 has not dropped for the last couple of days. monitoring the situation now
    Can you please share with us


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