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    Junior Member rikiokta is on a distinguished road
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    cause of hot powerbank when used

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    Junior Member paulalukkas is on a distinguished road
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    Dec 2017
    I think it may be some manufacturing problem. Most of the power banks will show the led light according to the charge in to it.

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    How do you go about charging a 12V gell cell? I have been using a wall charger--trickle charger I guess But have no idea when its done?Can you use the same charger as you do your 6 cell batt packs? 1-2 amps

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    Post The Librar

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    do you have any problems with this power bank? I think I will.

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    google it find your answer

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    Thanks for sharing and clearing the information about how the router is working.

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    Junior Member eluncia is on a distinguished road
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    find problem in google http://www.aleksbud-zlom.pl/

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    Depending on what guarantees there and still apply?

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