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    Connection problem on Access Point

    Region : Argentina

    Model : TL-WA701ND

    Hardware Version : V2

    Firmware Version : 3.17.0 Build 140324 Rel.36563n

    ISP :

    Dear users, please help

    I have a big problem, I'm using TL-WR740N Router and TL-WA701ND Acces Point at home. My root router TL-WR740N is on the 1st floor and the Access Point is on the second floor. I bought the AP to extend the wifi signal on the 2nd floor because it was weak. The AP is set it to work as Range extender ( Repeater ) and is wirelessly connected with the Root router. I use the setup wizard from TP LINK to connect this devices, but I'm facing with a big problem. When I'm on the 2nd floor and connect from a mobile phone to the network ( i.e. Access Point ) after 1-2 minutes my connection drops, and after that again it's connecting and so on, I don't have a stable connection. It's connect - disconnect all the time.
    When I go downstairs my phone is connected to the Root router and the connection is great, no more connect/disconnect. I'm using the same SSID, same Wireless security and AUTO channel choose.

    Please, can you tell me what is causing this problem, is that a problem that the Root router is on the 1st floor and the AP is on the 2nd floor and the signal between them is not stable or something else?

    Thanks in advise

    P.S. I'm writing from Macedonia, not from Greece.

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    Members radvd is on a distinguished road
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    Yes, it is because the AP is at a place where the signal is too weak so that the AP itself cannot keep a stable connection.

    The location is the key. This kind of repeater products work well for extending signal on the same floor.

    Your router is on 1st floor. The ideal solution is to place the AP at the middle between 1st floor and 2nd floor, which I think is not easy in your case. I would either place it on a high place on 1st floor(on a bookshelf maybe), or place it on the 2nd floor where the original signal from the main router is strong enough (> 25db).


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    Thank you very much for the fast reply my friend, I'll try to change the location of the AP, and I'll post what happens.

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    @bokicak this is not about distances obetween devices, or location, 701 on repeater mode just sucks, it will drop wifi ever, if able, cable them and set 701 on AP mode,not a guarantee it will work 24/7 but it will work way better.
    Don't use SSID until you had solve wifi drops, Atheros chips have issues using same SSID
    at the end roaming wll take place between devices no matter if its same or dif SSIds
    Roamimg works untill the smartphone looses the last bar, as long as there is signal it will keep connected to that device, to avoid that, lower the power on devices as need it, and test roaming, its not a plug & play needs tweaking
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    Hi @fotodamaris,

    At this point I put the AP on the same floor as the root router, but on the other corner of the house and on the higher location. For now, the mobile phones that were losing connection are working good ( no drops on wi fi ), but now I have to test on the second floor if the connection will be stable on the phones and notebook.
    You are probably right that 701 sucks.

    Thanks again for the post

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    Quote Originally Posted by bokicak;
    You are probably right that 701 sucks
    Never posted 701 sucks
    posted 701 on Repeater mode just sucks
    And not just 701, all devices no matter brand or model with stock FW on Repeater mode suck
    Reason, the device divides its performance minus 2, there is a penalty rate
    of 50% cause it has to TX and RX at same time
    If you flash your 701 with a third party FW, you will be amaze of your 701
    Repeater (aka Client) works 24/7, no Wi-Fi drops no reboots.
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    Connection problem on Access Point

    i have created a odbc connection of MS Access Database, and on network i want to connect it, i do it so and having continuous reviving error. Kindly help me about this. Waiting your Reply.............................

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    Update the firmware.

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