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    TL-PS310u Firmware identification

    Region : UnitedKingdom

    Model : TL-PS310U

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version : 3.100.075.T0004

    ISP :

    As you will see from the above information the firmware version for my TL-PS310u is shown in the Print Servers web page as a long string.

    When you check the TP-Link downloads on the support site, there is no identification of the current firmware version in this format. The only clue is the file name of
    TL-PS310U_V1_100322.zip .

    You have to download and extract the file to discover the file zipped up is in fact FlashImage_1868B_TP-Link_UoIP_Server_100_075_20100322_T0004-UtilityUpgrade.bin
    This suggests the firmware installed on mine is the latest, but none the less, still not using the same format.

    The other problem is that as one of the servers I am using fails to properly display its web page (It displays some text only) when you enter the Servers IP, so you can't tell what the firmware is on that server! - Perhaps some-one has found a solution for this ? Additonally the interface to flash the firmware is on the same server web page that cannot be currently viewed, so this could be a catch 22 situation.

    I will be checking to see if the problem server will display it's web pages on my XP and windows 7 machines, but that does not help anyone who cant properly see the Web page on perhaps their only PC. The reason for posting is that I can't be the only person who is unable to view the proper web page of the server after inputting the IP address.
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    TP-Link have advised me that the firmware file FlashImage_1868B_TP-Link_UoIP_Server_100_075_20100322_T0004-UtilityUpgrade.bin is newer than the one on my print server, so an upgrade is available.

    Edit: I have flashed the upgrade file and it turns out to be the same. So on this occassion the advice from TP-Link turned out to be incorrect.
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    Hello, I have the same problem. When i try to access the webpage of the print server it displays me some text
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JavaScript>
    When i try to connect any device by software that i recived on CD, a message pops up and say that i have to verify if the USB device/print server are turned ON (this is stupid because if the print server/printer where not turned on, the software on CD would not have known that I have a printer attached to the print server. He tells me even the name of the printer).
    I made the firmware update, but nothing happends..same "text page".

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    Try adding /system30.htm after the print server IP address and you may find you get to see servers proper web page.
    So if you first tried "" (Where this is your servers address) now try ""
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blagard View Post
    Try adding /system30.htm after the print server IP address and you may find you get to see servers proper web page.
    So if you first tried "" (Where this is your servers address) now try ""
    Hey dude,

    Sorry to post in an old topic. But you did the trick and helped me a lot.



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