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    Dropped Connections, please help!

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    I am in the UK and have Sky Broadband. I was getting constant dropped connections randomly with their equipment so upgraded to TP-Link, yet I am still getting dropped connections, can anyone help?

    I have an Archer VR900 downstairs (v2) and a C50 router upstairs, both are connected by a TP Link power line adapter. I have scanned for the best channels to use through my mac, have the modern set to look for Sky's DNS settings manually.

    When the service drops the NCSI shows as a fail and it states 'please configure DNS settings manually' but I have done that. If I change the dns settings to something like open DNS my ping times are awful and the speeds are lower.

    Also, every time the connection drops, I check the Sky broadband checker and it says the service is fine.

    The only thing I can think of is the power lines are connected using extension cables, but the problem still persists if I just connect to the downstairs modem

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    VR900 is the main modem, is the DSL light solid on when it drops?
    Make sure the modem is working properly at first.

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    Hi Kevin, yes the lights stay on as do all the wifi logos on my devices.


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