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    New Firmware on download page, but app says system up to date

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    I have a deco M5 setup - 3 nodes - and when selecting update deco from the management app, it says my system is currently up to date

    Firmware version shown is 1.1.6 Build 20171103 Rel. 47257

    But the download page ( https://www.tp-link.com/en/download/....html#Firmware ) shows a version published 2018-04-26.

    On closer inspection that version that version's filename still says 171103 so perhaps something has gone wrong with the publishing of the new version? Or just a re-issue of the existing version?

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    Thanks for your feedback.
    We have updated the published date into the same as the FW date.

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    I had my hopes up for a new version :-( - but thanks for resolving it anyway!


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