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    Archer VR2800 - open vpn

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    Hi. Bit of a general question. I've set up open vpn and can access home network on my iPhone whilst away. There is a vpn setting on the router for 'client access type' with either home network or home network and internet. If I just choose 'home network' is my internet browsing whilst away not then secure via vpn?Also on my iPhone I cannot connect to the vpn server whilst on my home wifi network. Is that right?Thanks.

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    Can anyone assist please?

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    The switch allows you to restrict what users will be able to access when dialling into your home network via the VPN Server.

    If you set it to "Home Network Only" then remote users will only be able to access your home netwrok, and will need to disconnect the VPN in order access the internet on their remote device (Since a VPN routes all local traffic, internet or otherwise through the VPN).

    If you set Home "Network + Internet" then remote users will be able to access the internet via your home network, something I would advise against unless you trust those who your going to be allowing acess to, since the responsibility for access to the internet and/or any services used by your clients, will fall on your shoulders, and not theirs (I'm thinking unsecured bittorrent access here).


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