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    Can SpeedTest be turned off in 2.0.0 Firmware for C2300?

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    I'm setting up a TP-Link AC2300 router for use in a very remote part of Africa. Mainly they just want the router for sharing some files between computers on a USB drive that will be inserted into it. Their Internet connection there is via cellular modem and they only have 2G service - so basically they can only POP email but no browsing!

    I noticed that the new 2.0 firmware on this router has a nice SpeedTest capability built in. But I don't want that to be chewing up their prepaid cellular data, especially when they have so little bandwidth available. I hunted around the advanced settings pages on the router after the upgrade, but I don't see a setting to turn OFF the SpeedTest feature.

    If it can't be turned off, can you tell me how often the SpeedTest automatically runs? Is it only at boot-up or on a schedule? I see that it ran twice since I updated the firmware, although I never manually launched it.
    Thanks much!

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    There is no way to turn it off.
    It will run only the device starts to work as a new device or you eanble Qos function.
    Since you update the firmware, that's why you see twice because the router get to work twice.

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    Ok thank you Kevin for that confirmation.
    I appreciate the info, and its good to know that it will just run when the device boots up, not recurring on a scheduled basis.


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