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    Archer C7 installation problem: "Login Failure” when creating the administrative password

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    Dear All,

    I just purchased a 'TP Link Archer C7’ router and I bumped into a very basic, but frustrating problems when installing it.

    What I did:

    - connected the router to power supply
    - connected the router to internet on its WAN port
    - connected the router to my MacBook on one of its LAN ports.
    - opened a web browser and opened URL *

    The web page on said that "Please create an administrator password to manage your Archer C7.”, so I typed one in, containing upper/lower case characters, number digits and dash. I got a green tick next to the second password field, i.e. the password looks ok.
    But when I clicked on the "Let's Get Started” button, it returned with a "Login Failure.” message.
    I tried it several times and at one point it told me that "Login failed for 5 times and you still have 5 attempts left.”, so I gave up and now I try to find some help online.



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    So the simple answer was to specify admin/admin instead of creating a strong admin password, despite what the page suggested.
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