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I'm having issues with my current network setup. I have a device that should be available on the outside network and I've setup a port forwarding rule for it.

My local device local ip address is port 7777 (for telnet service) exterior port is set to 5555
When I'm trying to access this device from my smartphone using mobile network l'm able to telnet to port 7777. However when I set my smartphone to use in-house wifi I cannot do this any longer.
Instead i can still connect to device using local address and port 7777. But I do not want to change settings constantly. Is there a way to fix this?

Just for the sake of testing I've opened my router to outside as well, to be able to see what is going on in case I dont have a physical access to it (I forwarded router port 80 to outside 8888) now when I'm trying to login to the router from local network but using my outside IP address Im able to see the login page, but once i enter my username and password and hit login it reroutes to local router's address and comes up with "NOTE:The router allows only one administrator to login at the same time, please try again later."

I guess this is because it is waiting for the other session (initiated from outside IP) to be closed. (this again just shows how it redirects to local network)

Is there a way to stop the router from making these redirects?