Model : Archer C7

Hardware Version :

Firmware Version :


I'm a happy owner of Archer C7. It works ok and meets all my day-to-day needs (which are basically surfing&streaming).
What I'd like to do, is to run a web server (a website, actually) from my home network so that it would be accessible even if some particular machine is down. I do not want to add a dedicated server machine for that purpose, unless it is absolutely necessary.
So what I'd like to get is that when I'll put my index.html in a folder on the router usb drive I'll be able (after the appropriate fiddling) to access it with a browser outside the home network.
Now, I was able to find the FAQ on usb sharing and on server definition, but it is unclear if it is possible for router's usb drive to be the server location.
So, is it even possible and how do I define it if it is?
Thanks in advance, hope I stated my question clear enough.