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    Really Slow Speeds

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    So I picked up the M5 in hopes of improving my WiFi signal throughout the house. However, after setting it up, I have had nothing but headaches.

    1. Setup as Access Point

    After setting it up as an access point, everything looked good. However, when I was testing the speeds with my laptop, I was definitely disappointed. When I was connected to the 5Ghz WiFi of my router (HITRON CODA-4582u), I was able to get over 400Mbps. So I disconnect then connect to the M5 and it goes down to 30Mbps which is a huge difference. No matter what device I use, I can't get the speed to improve.

    2. Setup as Router

    So I decided to turn on Bridge mode on my Router and setup the M5 in Router mode. When I do a speed test using the app, it goes between 40Mbps and 80Mbps. I have a gigabit internet and can easily hit around 900Mbps with the Hitron. And also, I still can't get any wireless device to be able to go more than 30Mbps.

    I have turned off the Anti-Virus, changed my router to based on various threads I have read here. This is definitely quite frustrating.

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    Connect PC to Deco and connect PC to your main router with ethernet cable to test the speed.

    If the speed is still low when it connects to Deco, check whether there is other clients connected or other application running.

    Check the negotiation speed of your PC to see whether it's normal.

    If the Deco speed is ok, the speed of wifi client is slow. try to take the client close to main Deco, disconnect wifi and reconnect.

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    Thanks! I will give it a try. The speed test on the app, is that the test from the main M5 that is attached to the router?


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