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    M7300 4G LTE mifi automatically disconnects on Windows computers

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    Hi there,

    I am the owner of a TP-LINK M7300 mifi and I am encountering the following issue :

    When I connect any windows computer to it, the computer automatically disconnects from the M7300 after 20mins (no more internet access)

    I tried with Windows 7/8/10 and the problem is still the same

    Also, this is happening with the 2 pieces of M7300 that I bought

    And to finish : everything is normal when I am using Android devices with the M7300. And when connecting Android devices and Windows computer to the M7300, only tr

    Is anyone who already encountered this issue and have the solution ? It will be sooooooo great !!!

    Thanks in advance !

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    Did you do any specail settings for windows computer?
    Or you may try to reset M7300 to see whether the issue still exists.
    Never meet the same issue but this is a little strange.


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