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    how to print from Pixel phone to PS110U on same wifi net, to HP Lazerjet

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    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I don't think it is a ISP provider problem. Since it works from my Laptop on the same router to the PS110U.

    I have purchased a Print Server PS110U, and connected it to my wifi network.
    The printer server is ethernet cabled to an HP LaserJet printer.

    I reconfigured the print server to use DHCP rather than a static IP address.

    I was able to easily print from my Ubuntu laptop machine. It worked first time like a charm.

    But now I want to print from my Pixel phone. I went into setting/connected devices/printers.
    I say the HP Print Service and tried to find it on the network. But it never found it.
    I also tried Default Print Service, but without finding it.

    Does anyone know how to link the pixel smart phone to the PS11U print server on the same
    wifi network?

    Thanks for your help and suggestions (like all of us our time is valuable!)

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    hey, we can't make it on a smart phone.
    Firstly, we can't install the printer's driver on your phone.
    Seconldy, we can't set standard TCP/IP port on your smart phone.
    We can only share this on PC client.


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