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    Only one (previously working) computer can't connect to the internet wired or wireless

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Hardware Version: Archer C7 v2 00000000
    Firmware Version: 3.15.1 Build 160719 Rel.57530n

    This one has me stumped! A 2008 iMac that has a wired connection to my router now won't connect to the internet, despite working earlier today. I've tried a different known good ethernet cable and I've tried a wireless connection on both bands with no luck. All other devices (5) on the network still connect with no problem wired or wirelessly. I first rebooted the router with no luck iMac won't connect but other devices work fine.

    This led me to believe this was either a software or hardware issue with this iMac. I ruled out a software problem by booting from an external drive with a fresh OS install on it, but it still won't connect either wired or wirelessly. I ruled out a hardware problem by connecting the iMac wirelessly to my cell phone running in wireless personal hotspot mode. The iMac then connected to the internet without issue.

    I'm now thinking it's the router, but I'm unsure how to troubleshoot this as I don't know enough about this device and all the settings. Could there be a corrupted setting that's preventing this one computer from connecting on two different connections, or could this be something downstream being blocked at my ISP?

    Any info would be appreciated.


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    How about if your disconnect other devices and just connect the iMac to the router via a cable?
    When you connect iMac to the router wirelessly, is there any error message?
    Does it connect successfully? or failed to connect to it?
    If it's connected, try to set static IP address on iMac.

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    In the IMac Preferences, Network, are you using "Using DHCP"? In most cases, that is what you want.Try powering off modem, router and imac for 30+ seconds. Unplug the devices then replug them in after 30 seconds, Power up modem, then the router and then the IMac. Give it time to initialize each.If it still does not connect, connect the IMac directly to the modem bypassing the C7. If direct to the modem does not work, then it is either the modem or pc/IMac. Try a different pc/IMac directly to the modem if you have one. If it fails or no other PC/IMac, power cycle the modem. If it still fails, connect your ISPIf the IMac does work direct to the modem, then I would power cycle/reset the router and re-enter settings. If that fails it may be time for a new routerPower cycle/reset varies with each device. Some have buttons to press during the power on cycle, and many require you to unplug the device.Let us know how it goes.


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