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    Is TL-PA8030P a Switch

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    I am trying to connect 4 devices. I have a TL-PA8030P kit with 3 ports, I also have a TL-8010 kit with a single port. I would like to connect 3 devices in my media room and also one device in my study. I can get both sets of kits up and running on their own. Also, I can get the 8030 working with one of the 8010's. So my questions are:

    Should the 8030 and 8010 kits work together?
    If I use just the 8030 and one 8010 will I be able to connect 4 devices? So does the 8030 act like a switch?

    This has got me stumped so really appreciate any help.

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    Yes, they work together, and yes, the 8030 has an integrated gigabit ethernet switch.

    That's four LAN jacks to connect your four client devices. You'll still need a 3rd adapter, possibly a single 8010, to connect the powerline network to your router.


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