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    LB120 Bulbs Refusing to Update Firmware

    Model : LB120

    Hardware Version : 1.0

    Firmware Version : 1.2.3

    ISP : [/COLOR] Tuneable White

    Just added two LB120 bulbs to Kasa app. Firmware updates are needed. Every single time I try to update it fails.

    Have tried using different devices different WiFi networks, nothing seems to work.

    Any tips or advice?
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    Have solved the issue by downloading the iotUpgradeTool1.3

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    I recommend trying a different app for upgrading the firmware. If you contact the customer care they will be able to help you with the issue and suggest other methods to get the job done. Hope you find your answer soon. best internet

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    And *I* recommend you ban taylorshaw151. If you look at his posts you'll see that he parrots useless comments pulled from the topic and ends each post with a spam link.


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