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    Hep with 3 router configuration - is there interference caused by using 2 C9 routers

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    I want to set up a 3 router system in my house. There is an upside down "Y" configuration of 3 routers, as shown in the picture below.

    Router A is the gateway that is connected to the Internet. The WAN port of Router B is connected to a LAN port on Router A. The WAN port of Router C is connected to a LAN port on Router A. Routers B and C are siblings. Any devices connected to Router B are isolated from devices connected to Router C. I have security isolation. I plan to provide Wi-Fi from routers B and C.

    Can I use the AC1900 (Archer C9 wireless dual band router) for routers B and C, or will they interfere with each other? I am NOT networking savvy. I would appreciate any help or suggestions from the Forum.

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    You can connect B and C router with Archer C9 to get internet.
    But you need to do the isolation settings on your Router A to make sure B and C can't communicate each other.


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