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    Question TL-WDR3600 - Bricked. Need to update the firmware. Not working.

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    Firmware Version :

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    I bought 9 routers yesterday, all pretty new, not really used much.

    They are all bricked.

    I found an article that showed me how to use Wireshark and TFTP, but neither of those show me the .bin file name it is looking for, so that I could manually update the firmware to fix it. None of them.

    the Wireshark does monitor the packets, so I see data, but none of them are protocol TFTP or show a .bin file name or anything of the sort.

    So I'm lost as to how to update them, manually.

    I'm a programmer by trade, so technically able to do stuff, but I don't want to physically open the hardware at all. I don't want to break anything.

    but if I must, I must. So please just point me to something that will work. I'm a hard worker so very willing to do whatever it takes, within reason


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    Now, can you still login to the web UI of the routers?
    What's the current FW of them?
    you may refer to the following link to update the FW:
    Certainly, you may need to check whether yours is already the latest one.


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