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    Question NC-450 not setting up

    Model : NC450

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]


    I just brought home a new shiny NC-450 camera and it won't set up.

    I have plugged in its power and the ethernet cable (to my router). The light on the camera is green.
    I log into the app and enable it to my wifi (same router) and use "find new camera". The app looks for a while and then comes out with "Unable to Find Camera".

    I have checked the router and it is finding the camera alright, and my phone is showing up on the list of connected devices as well.

    Could anyone share any insight as to how to solve this? I would very much like to use the camera, you see.

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    Nevermind - got it working while waiting for this post to get approved. Reddit was just plain quicker.

    Thank you anyway.

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    Please delete the thread as the problem is now resolved.


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