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    Archer VR900 won't connect to Plusnet Fibre

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    I have recently switched ISP to Plusnet Fibre from Talktalk standard broadband.

    My Archer VR900 router just won't connect. I have spent hours trying without success. Apparantly this is a common problem with this router.

    See screen shots attached.

    I get these error messages:

    - PPP connection failed. Please contact your Internet service provider to confirm if your line is in good condition. If the problem still exists, please contact TP-LINK technical support for further help.

    - Username or password is incorrect. Click Reconfig to confirm your username and password. If the problem still exists, please contact your Internet service provider.

    I have tried advice here https://community.plus.net/t5/My-Rou.../1538177#M6451
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    according to the error message, you put wrong internet username and password.
    Try to check whether there is case sensitive to make sure you put correct username and password provided by your ISP.


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