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    Connect phone hotspot to 2300 via TL-WA801ND

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    I'm trying to connect my phone's hotspot to my home network, using the TL-WA801ND to connect to the C2300 that runs my network.

    I've setup the TL-WA801ND to connect as Client mode to my hotspot, and then ran a cable from the Ethernet port on the TL-WA801ND to the Internet port on the C2300.

    This gets me internet thru my Windows 8 computer connected by ethernet to the C2300, but not my Ooma connected via ethernet, and not thru the wifi. I can connect to the network I created on the C2300 (SSID: Penguin) but I don't get internet access.

    I suspect it may be a DHCP issue. I wasn't sure whether to use SmartIP on the TL-WA801ND, or to manually set it up. Should I manually set it up and disable the DHCP server? If so, what IP should I use and how do I configure the C2300?

    Part of my problem is I can't get into the C2300 to configure it. I forgot what the admin IP was and the Tether app doesn't see it.

    The reason I'm not using the TL-WA801ND as a bridge is because my phone hotspot is limited in how many devices can connect, and I'm hoping that by using the C2300 it will only see one connection as the C2300 handles all the rest of the network.


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    i'm afraid we can't deceive the hotspot in this way to get more clients access internet.
    we can't make it like it works with a cable modem by cloning the mac address of your modem.
    Anyway, you can try to do the mac clone on C2300 to see whether it can make it.
    After you connect TL-WA801ND to WAN port of C2300, please do the mac clone on web UI of C2300.
    The default login IP is 192. 168.0.1

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    wow1 Thanks for it

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