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    Need help which extender to get

    Model :

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    I have an Archer VR900 Wifi router which used to work great but I had to move the BT line to upstairs and im getting issues with quality of connection downstairs, especially on the ipad although my macbook is fine.
    I am looking for a wifi extender but there are so many its confusing, dual band is essential so that narrows it down a little.
    My main use of wifi on the ipad is whatsapp as i use it to keep in touch with my son's who are abroad.
    I get drop outs on whatsapp on the ipad even changing from 5ghz to 2.5ghz doesn't improve much.

    I dont want to spend a fortune but want the best for the money.
    My list is:


    My only requirement is reliability of connection and dual band

    Suggestions please to help me decide?

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    RE450 should be the best choice because it has super fast speed.
    However, it's recommended to consider wireless powerline extender, such as TL-WPA8630P-KIT if you are in one power meter.
    The powerline connection is more suitable for differnet floors.

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    Thanks for that, i'll look at your suggestion, powerline is out however as im a radioham and powerline tends to interfere with radio at the frequencies i operate.

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    RE450 is ok but it is depended to your status in structure ...

    best wishes
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