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    Problem with roaming. Archer MR200

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    I have Router Archer MR200 with a Spanish SIM card, operator Movistar, working perfectly in Spain.
    I have travelled to Germany and cannot get Internet.
    Data Roaming is activated on the router configuration menu: Network/ Internet / Advanced

    Please help

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    You may make sure SIM card is working when you plug it into your phone in Germany.

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    Junior Member Virdi is on a distinguished road
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    Jun 2018
    Same problem here, Vodafone UK sim card, but MR200 won't connect in Spain neither italy nor Belgium. this sim connects without problems in any smartphone in those countries, router connects without problem in UK with UK sim or in Spain with spanish sim.

    It seems that the model is just incapable of roaming although roaming option is checked in preferences.

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    Junior Member cemalyada is on a distinguished road
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    Jul 2018
    I have been using the MR200 for 2 years but everytime I go abroad and roam I have the same problem. Can not connect because of unknown failure. I put my sim card in my phone and works perfectly. MR200 CAN NOT ROAM!!!!!!


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    generally speaking, when we move to another country, we just need to enable data roaming function on the router.

    Confirm the local cooperative ISP and connect to the relative APN according to the ISP.

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    When you travel to new location, suggest you reset the parameter for the network, such as APN in the Archer MR200.
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