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    HS110 completely turns off after 3-5 days

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    I have a Ver 1.0 HS110 with updated Firmware - mine does not only disconnect but the whole plug turns off - the only way to reset is unplug the smart plug and plug it back in then it works for another 3-5 days..

    I have reset the smart plug x2 times and updated to the latest Firmware. I am using my plug for a hot water heater and is very frustrating waking up in the morning with no HOT water.. Anyone else experiencing the whole plug turning off? This is not a disconnect issue..

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    how about the signal strength of HS110?
    try to move plug closer to your router.
    How long did you buy this plug? If it's more than half an year, contact tplink support for a replacement if there is no improvement.

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    It was only 15' from my router - I have contacted them and they are sending me a replacement. Thanks!


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