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    how to add a third adapter to two existing

    Model : TL-WPA4220KIT + 2x TL-PA4020P


    i've got four devices.

    they are working great, as long as there are only any two paired to each other.

    now how do i connect them all together? when there are two paired to each other, as soon as i want to pair the third one, the other one loses connection to the first one.

    according to https://www.tp-link.com/de/faq-1250.html it should be possible to pair at least SIX adapters?

    i tried this https://www.tp-link.com/us/faq-319.html - step 1 and 2 work ok, but after repeating step 2 for adapter B, adapter C loses connection to adapter A ?
    (but adapter B is then connected to adapter C)

    so, how should one pair another one to two existing devices? or am i misunderstanding something?

    thanks in advance,
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    If you pair them seperately, they are two differnent powerline networks.
    We need to pair them with a pair firstly.
    Then, try to add third, fouth one by one.
    Have you tried this? you can have a try:

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    tried again to pair them, but this time in another order.
    i paired A with B, then A with C, then A with D.
    now it seems to work.


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