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    RE305 - cannot connect to access point for 5Ghz band

    Model : RE305

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : 2017-12-18

    ISP : Comcast[/COLOR]

    Hello all - my setup includes:
    1. Archer C5 as main router -- connected to modem via WAN port and both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands up and running.
    2. Archer C50 manually configured as an access point (IP manually set at and DHCP disabled) -- connected to Archer C5 via ethernet cable to LAN port; both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz up and running using the same SSIDs as the Archer C5 for both bands; the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands from the Archer C50 are on different channels from those bands on the Archer C5 (Archer C5s 2.4 Ghz channel is "auto" and 5 Ghz channel is 36; Archer C50 2.4 Ghz channel is 11 and 5 Ghz channel is 44).
    3. RE305 configured in range extender mode -- RE305 is physically much closer to the Archer C50 and so I want the RE305 to extend the wireless signal of the Archer C50 (and not the Archer C5). Currently, the RE305 is connected to the Archer C50's 2.4 Ghz band (based on the MAC address shown in RE305 configuration page), but refuses to establish a connection to the Archer C50's 5 Ghz band -- instead the RE305 is connected to the much more distant Archer C5's 5 Ghz band.
    Because the RE305 is much closer to the Archer C50 than the Archer C5, the 2.4 Ghz connection shows as "good" in the configuration page and the 2.4 light is solid blue. The 5 Ghz band, however, is connected to the far more distant Archer C5, and the 5 Ghz connection shows as "weak" and the 5 Ghz light is solid red. I have been able to establish a temporary connection to the Archer C50's 5Ghz band and the connection will show as "good" and the light will show solid blue. However, this 5 Ghz connection always reverts back to the Archer C5 and therefore becomes "weak" again. I have tried manually connecting, using the quick setup and the manual setup, and then rebooting the RE305. I have reset the RE305 to factory defaults and the issue remains. Does anyone have any ideas to establish a sustained connection between my RE305 and my Archer C50 5 Ghz band? Many thanks for suggestions.

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    Did you use the same 5G ssid and password on Archer C5 and Archer C50?
    It's recommended to change SSID on main router.
    Or you may remove the Archer C50 and just use the main router and RE305.

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    I had indeed used the same SSID on the Archer C5 and the Archer C50 -- one common SSID for 2.4 Ghz and a second common SSID for 5 Ghz. I just went and changed them, so now I have four different SSIDs, and then had the RE 305 connect to and extend the Archer C50's SSIDs. This seems to reduce the "confusion" the RE 305 has about choosing between the Archer C5 and C50. However, the signal on the 5 Ghz still remains weak for whatever reason -- that may have a physical cause, rather than a configuration issue. Thanks for the tip..


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