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    Archer MR200: Failover not working

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    I have a MR200 router and I would like it to change to 4G if my WAN goes offline.

    Therefore I set it to wireless router mode and installed it after the router I got from my provider. So the MR200 get's the ip address from the provider's router. So I have the following setup:

    WAN <-> provider's router <-> MR200 <-> LAN

    Then I activated the 4G backup option.

    1) When I pull the LAN cable out of the MR200, the router changes automatically to 4G. Perfect!

    2) When I disconnect the provider's router from WAN, nothing happens. There is no internet connection at all, but on the admin page the router tells me that it is still connected. I expected that the MR200 would change to 4G, but it doesn't.

    Is there anybody here who uses the 4G backup function?

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    what's the HW and FW of your MR200?
    Do you update to the latest FW?
    You mean you disconnect LAN cable, it will switch normally;however, disconnect provider's router, it won't?
    The LAN cable is used for connecting with clients not former router, right?
    That's a little strange.

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    Archer AR200

    Did you setup the APN for the SIM card in the Archer AR200 web UI? Is there signal bar in the web UI?

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    I upgraded to the latest firmware 4G works perfectly when connected to a computer.But the MR200 didn't recognize when the WAN router looses its internet connection. The only thing which worked, was pulling the cable between the WAN router and the MR200. But that's not the standard use case. So I sent the router back and got my money back.

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    any guide please for failover i purchased from Singapore store it doesn't work Hardware Ver : Archer MR200 v1 00000001firmware Ver : 0.9.1 0.0 v004a.0 Build 160310 Rel.52035nis able to upgrade firmware ? if can please give me link and guide thanks


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