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    admin login fails in TPCamera, no camera in TP-Link_Camera_Control

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    Hello, I want to use the control buttons for „brightness, contrast, saturation“ in the apps for my brand new camera NC450, as mentioned in the user guides.

    The Camera works perfect under TPCamera software (Android tablet).
    But here I’m not able to find these buttons or to login under admin/admin.
    The program, when login under admin, asks for another password, even after camera reset!??

    Alternatively I have installed TP-Link_Camera_Control 2017-08-29 (Windows 10).
    Under New Device no camera comes up and remains empty.
    Even PC and camera are in the same local wlan (also with lan connection) network (FritzBox).
    Can you please help me to improve my picture quality.

    Also pt-link camera plugin for Mac under High Sierra 10.13.4 does not install.
    So no usage of TPCamera on my MacBook possible!?

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    Did you reset it successfully? If you reset it successfully, the default password should be admin.
    Since you have reset it, have you reconfigured it?
    Make sure the camera is connected to the network successfully.
    Advanced > Video--Image quality to choose high. Highsettings offer better quality, but it may require more bandwidth to stream.
    Which web browser do you use? How about use chrome?


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