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    OS13 Mac driver for TL-WN7200ND Antenna?

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    A few years ago I could no longer use my Antenna because no driver was available for later versions of Mac OS. I need to use an eternal driver again. Has anyone found a driver for OS 13 or can recommend another product that has a driver? Thanks! Stephen

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    hey, where did you buy this adapter? which country?
    I even can't find out the product on tp-link website.
    Or you may check their region official website.
    It should be updated if there is any new release.

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    Hi flying snow

    From Amazon UK in 2012. I tried to update a screenshot of the product on Amazon from back then but I don't think it worked. Nevertheless it all worked fine until 2012,
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    It seems this product is discontinued.

    Therefore, it won't be available for mac OS 13 any more.
    you may go to tp-link website to look for one adapter which is supported MAC OS.
    It seems it only supports to OS 10.12


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