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    Guest network router mode wired

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    Hi all,After finding out guestnetwork is NOT supported in AP mode (see my post here: http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread....int-mode/page2) and still waiting for an answer from tp-link, i set up all in router mode. I connect all M5 wired so i have the full speed of wifi and a stable connection between them. So far it all works fine. However, again problems with the guest network. After open the guest network only the main unit will support it, the both other units doesnt will follow.Again, the guestnetwork was 1 of the main reasson to buy the M5. I spend alot of money (over 400,00) to make a good network including supported switches (netgear).It would be very kind to read any reaction of tp-link if and/or when this problem will be solved!!After all, more then 6 months ago someone else mention this also and since then nothing changes.TP-LINK????Kind regard, Adriaan

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    Is this forum not any longer supported by TP-LINK?Seems to me some people has a real problem with DECO, including me.Please answer the qestions i did ask!!Kind regards, Adriaan

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    how you connect the deco units wired?
    Internet---main Deco---second---third?
    If in this topology, only Guest network on main Deco is working.
    If it's not, you may provide your network topology and we will try to help you figure it out.

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    Hi Enson Loo,My deco’s are connected like this:Internet -> deco M5-1(living room/kitchen) -> netgear switch GS105E V3 | -> netgear GS108E > diverse items like a tv, reciever, xbox, wii ect, ect, | -> deco M5-2 (first floor) | ->netgear GS105E V3 | -> PC | -> printer | -> deco M5-3 (second floor)In this setup all internet things (wired and wireless) will get an IP adress from the deco in the same ranges, what i need to connect them.As i remember well, this is the way tp-link advised in 1 of the topics of this forum.Please let me know if this is the correct way or not.Kind regards, Adriaan

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    I see my message is mixed up, so i try again:Internet -> deco M5 (livingroom/kitchen) -1-> netgear GS105E V3 5 ports switch, see next line:Port 1 -> netgear GS108E -> diverse items like a tv, receiver, xbox, wii ect, ectPort 2 -> deco M5 (first floor)Port 3 -> netgear GS105E V3 5 ports switch, see next line:Port 1 -> PCPort 2 -> PrinterPort 3 -> deco M5 second floor

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    Tp-link????Can you answer please? 9 days waiting for answer is a bit long.Love to have a decent network full speed and a GUESTNETWORK on every deco unit.Thanks in advance.Kind regards, Adriaan

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    Hey, I just get that it will be improved at the end of July or beginning of Aug. Until that, the guest network will be supported under the ethernet connection.

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    Thx for your answer,If i understand correctly guestnetwork is working over all 3 units now if the are connected by wifi.When they are connected by a networkcable only the mainunit wil have a guestnetwork?Fixed by an update end july/ start august 2018?Side note; also possible to choice the wifi channel of th units?Thanks again!Kind regards, adriaan


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