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    Wink Issues with TL-PA7010P

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    I am trying to set up this Powerline kit to deliver faster broadband speed to a smart TV which is situated away from our broadband router. We were already using a TP-Link wifi extender model TL-WA854RE which allowed us to use laptop, tablets etc wirelessly throughout the house but, although we get high internet speed at the router we can only download programmes to our TV at very slow speeds. The problem is that although the Powerline kit was successfully paired (solid lights at both units) the speed has not improved and, worse still, the internet now drops off regularly throughout the house. I have tried unsuccessfully to overcome this. I thought maybe it was the issue of renaming all three TP link devices to match but I haven't been able to do this by following the instructions on the support area. We have an Apple Airport Express linked to our router and all our devices - Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and iPad are all Apple devices too. Can anyone recommend a solution or must I just return this equipment for a full refund? If anyone has any advice please can you provide it in 'Dummy-guide' format as my technical experience is not that advanced! Thank you

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    Providers of IPTV with live programming (as opposed to subscriber services like Netflix with randomly streamable content) tend to use Multicast technology for bandwidth efficiency. As a user of such service, you need to have all your infrastructure devices (router, access points, repeaters, switches, and powerline devices) Multicast capable. The keyword here is IGMP.

    Looking at TP-Link device and firmware history, IGMP support has always been hit-and-miss. Some devices don't support it, some do only to have it disappear in a later firmware update, etc. etc.

    Good luck.

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    Total loss of internet access may be due to interference between powerline signaling and your incoming DSL/phone wiring. If the latter has been done improperly somewhere in the house, e.g. the unshielded phone wire sharing a wall tube with a power wire, then powerline signal will radiate into the phone wiring. DSL and PLC use the same frequency range, so there's your disturbance.


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