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    Bluetooth connection lost before initial setup is complete

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    I am not able to complete configuration of my brand new M5 Deco's.

    1) I connect the internat cable to my router using a LAN cable.
    2) Power off router and M5.
    3) Waits until router is connected to internet
    4) Waits until M5 blinks blue.
    5) Connect iOS or Android App to M5 device.
    6) Everything goes well until I get to the step where I have to enter a SSID and password,
    7) Before I complete that I get at popup in the App that tells the bluetooth connection is lost and I have to setup process.

    I have tried this 50 times or so - Ham not able to complte the setup.

    Some observations
    - I have tried with different iOS devices (iPhone 7 latests iOS and and older iPad) and older Android device - always same result.
    - When M5 blinks blue - it turns to yellow after about 25 blinks. It looks like a reboot. After about 1-2 min in yellow it starts to blink blue again. The after 25 blinks et reboot again.
    This loop continues forever no matter if I connect the app with bluetooth or not.
    - the M5s are brand new and have never been connected or configured before.
    - I have tries to reset the M5 using reset button. It the starts green blink - but that newer stops.

    What is wrong here?

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    try to connect a PC to the other ethernet port on Deco M5 to check whether it can access internet.
    If there is no internet, power cycle to make sure the modem is working well.
    If there is no PC to connect to Deco, try to restart your modem and contact ISP to check whether there is mac binding.
    If your modem and Deco are both new, contact your ISP to help you activate.
    hope these will help you~


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