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    TL-WA850RE does not recognize DNS and

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    Hello everyone, I have a range extender TL-WA850RE V1.22 the problem starts when I put Google DNS or Cloudfare on my TD-W8901N wireless N ADSL 2 + modem router; The Range Extender tells me that I do not have an Internet connection and the LEDs that have the signal bars turn on and off, but if I use the DNS provided by the internet provider or others that are not already mentioned, there is no problem and The LEDs are fixed.
    What would be the solution to this case if there is one and the last firmware was 04/10/2014.

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    When you put static DNS on your modem, is your modem working properly?
    How about if you change the LAN ip address of TL-WA850RE into 192.168.1.X?

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    TL-WA850RE does not recognize DNS and

    My router is configured 192.168.1.xx from which the extender has a dynamic IP and the dns of the configured router and the DHCP of the automatic extension.
    I only have a problem with those DNS and if I put this DNS for example in the router I have no problems, and all the devices that connect to the extension do not have problems connecting to the internet.
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