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    Extra adapter for the AV1200 Gigabit Powerline AC Wi-Fi Kit

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    For good WiFi in my house I need an extra powerline adapter.

    I have bought the AV1200 Gigabit Powerline AC Wi-Fi Kit. Can I buy an extra powerline adapter? If so, what powerline will do the job for me.

    If NO .. why not. Most houses in the Netherlands need more then one powerline adapter because of the multiple floors they have.

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    If you need extra only one adapter (with 1200 Mbps)not KIT just buy: https://www.tp-link.com/la/products/...L-PA8010P.html
    8010P KIT V1 EU + 8030P KIT V1 EU

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    This is only an adapter for lan devices. I want an extra WiFi adapter with an option for lan.


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